31740323I have fought to bring the Mountain View Corridor to the West-side of the valley. I currently serves as the Budget Chairman of Wasatch Front Regional Council (Prioritizes State and Federal Road Funds).  As Chairman of the Budget Committee, I will guide the Wasatch Front Regional Council as they make decisions regarding how to properly fund the Mountain View Corridor, future transportation projects and other East-West issues.


sunnyvaleparkThe West-side has been playing catch up on parks.  I have fought to bring programming and park space to the West-side.  As a baseball, football and basketball coach, I understand the importance of having sport programming available for our kids.  I have voted to bring regional parks and upgrade our parks for the West-side.

Public Safety

sheriffAs a retired firefighter, I understand the need to have adequate public safety.  I have voted to increase funding for sidewalks, lighting, code enforcement and zoning programs.  Public safety is the core function of government.  I have also supported the creation of after school programming. I will continue to value fight for our public safety needs!


budget_3bSalt Lake County is one of only 41 counties in the United States who has a Aaa bond rating.  This bond rating not only saves the taxpayer money on the amount of interest we pay on bonds, it shows that Salt Lake County is a well managed organization who is worthy of the best financial rating that can be awarded.  I will continue to put your wallets first and be prudent with your hard earned money!